Another nice online video dictionary for baby signs

I found another online video dictionary for lots of baby signs at Baby Signing Time Site. I looked at a couple and thought they were well done, and it seems like they cover a large number of baby signs with the dictionary. I wish the list of signs wasn’t just a long one that you have to scroll through to find the word you want the sign for, so it may not be that easy to use on a cell phone as the baby sign dictionary from Baby Sign Language I wrote about in an earlier post.

Disclaimer: this company sells materials for parents on baby sign and I am not familiar with them so I can’t say how good they are. This same company makes videos for older kids teaching sign language that I did have when my kids were young and they enjoyed them — they are called Signing Time and they were fun and the production quality was good.

Video of 1 Year Old Singing

People do ask me how readily babies pick up sign language and how easy is it for a parent to understand their baby’s signs.

In my experience, our babies started signing around 6 – 7 months, and by a year both my children had a fair amount of signs they knew and we understood. I would guess 30 – 50 signs or so by then, and understood many more.

I never thought to make a video of them signing at this age, and while I did capture their signing on a few videos, they don’t really give an idea of the breadth of their signing.

So I went online to search, and found this video showing a one year old doing all sorts of signs.

Disclaimer: This mom has her own course for baby signing she sells and a book, but I don’t have any experience with these materials so this isn’t an endorsement of them.

But I liked this video since it does show how babies can communicate clearly through sign language at one year — which is such a wonderful thing for a parent and child to experience.