Free Baby Sign Course — 11 Videos To Help You Communicate With Your Baby

I’m Jane Rosenberg, and I am thrilled to be able to offer a free course on baby signing. I had learned sign language when I was studying speech language pathology at Gallaudet University, and spent 10 years working mainly with deaf children in schools. So I knew how powerful sign language can be, and was excited to try it with my babies.

I quickly found out I wasn’t the only one interested, and I started teaching baby signing to my new mom friends.

We all found that baby sign added so much to our lives with our small ones, and with my daughters it allowed me to understand their wants and needs way before they were able to verbalize them.

And even more it allowed me to hear their thoughts, which I found really amazing.

Since my experience, as well as my friends, was so positive, I decided to make a video course on Baby Signing. And while I thought about it as a business, I really just wanted to make it accessible for anyone — so I decided to offer it for free.

The only thing I ask is that if you like the videos, it would be great if you would give us a link and/or a social share.

And to get you started, here is the first video in our Baby Sign course, and it is called “Signs To Start With”, and has 12 of the signs our family started with our babies.

The full Baby Sign course has 11 Videos, and they are all available for Free. Here are links to all 11 videos in the Baby Sign Course:

#1 – signs to start with, 12 of the signs our family started with
#2 – 15 different signs for farm animals
#3 – 25 different food signs, to help baby communicate what food they want to their care giver
#4 – zoo animal signs
#5 – signs for people in your child’s life (daddy, mommy, etc)
#6 – signs for things in nature
#7 – signs for clothes and toys
#8 – signs for vehicles and transportation (like car, truck, etc)
#9 – more everyday signs and phrases
#10 – 25 different adjectives, or words to describe things
#11 – signs for colors

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