Baby Sign Was The Best Single Thing We Did With Our Babies

I’m David, and I’m the husband of the founder of SignBabySign, Jane Rosenberg.

Jane is an extraordinary person, and I am just so happy to be helping her get her work on baby signing out to fathers and mothers, and anyone else, interested in communicating with their babies.

She put together this free video course on baby signing based on the signs she used with our kids and the classes she taught with other mothers and their babies.

What is great about these videos is that they cover the basics you need to start communicating with your baby through sign, and Jane also makes it fun by putting in songs, animals, and other signs that our kids really enjoyed.

Does it work? I can only speak about my experience. But I feel strongly that of all the different things we did with our kids, baby signing was the most important. There is just nothing like being able to communicate with your child and know what they are thinking and their being able to express their needs and feelings.

Our first born knew upwards of 300 signs when she started talking, and this meant we got to know much earlier than most parents what was going on in our kids head, what she wanted, and to avoid her being frustrated and ending up crying because she couldn’t get her point across.

No terrible twos for our kids because they could let us know what they wanted.

Our second had her first sign at 6 months or so, and she hasn’t stopped communicating since. Her ability to chat up strangers is second to none.

I hope you will try out Jane’s Baby Sign course, and the best part is that it is absolutely free.

To see the first video for free and also get her 11 Video Baby Signing course for free, Click Here to see the first video of her Baby Sign Video course and The Full Free Baby Sign Course